The Ultimate Guide To Omani frankincense

Frankincense is really an integral A part of Oman’s tradition and heritage. This aromatic resin is mostly Employed in incense and perfume and acquired with the tree bark of genus Boswellia.

, Juliet Highet compares frankincense trees from other regions, concluding that “no other trees deliver exactly the same pure, exalted fragrance” as People found in Dhofar.

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Archaeological excavations that passed off about a ten-calendar year period of time from 1952-1962 Moreover unearthed the aged caravan routes buried beneath Sachalite’s rocky landscape and undulating sands check here – now often called the Dhofar area. However Utilized in significant ceremonies together with spiritual festivals, frankincense also continues to be a image of Omani hospitality.,Its fragrant resin is sill burned now all over the Sultanate to welcome company.

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